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Things to Know About General Contractor’s Contract

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One of the most vital elements of an effective home renovation or remodeling project is having a comprehensive and clear contract with your general contractor. It can make all the difference between a project that turns into a costly mistake or a project that you will be pleased with for a longer period.

For those who don’t know, a contract protects your property, your budget, and yourself. Thus, before you sign a contract with general contractors Grand Junction, here are a couple of things you need to think about:


Almost every reliable contractor in every industry provides a warranty for the work completed. Before signing a contract, you’ve got to ensure the warranty of the contractor spells out clearly what is and isn’t covered. It should also include the length of time for different coverages.


To could mean that you and the contractor agree on when payments are to be made if you’ve got a payment schedule in writing. This will get rid of any billing issues. You’ve got to connect payments to the delivery of products such as new carpeting or new windows, completion percentages, or particular milestones. It does not matter how you figure out your schedule. You should not pay in full if the project is not complete.

Scope of Work

To help you stay in control of both expenses and timing, you’ve got to ensure the contract details the scope of work to be completed. Work details can be long or shortlist. This depends on your project. The scope of work required for a more direct project, such as having new flooring installed will be less detailed compared to a work for a room renovation that needs a couple of various subcontractors.

Before the project starts, you’ve got to ensure everything is written, whatever the type of project. details can include descriptions on who is accountable for different permission and permits, expectations about site cleanup and maintenance, types and colors of finishes, material specifications, and much more.


One of the most popular sources of issues on a home renovation project is messy scheduling. Though delays because of weather or material availability might not be avoidable, and small delays are most likely to happen, you still need to have schedule details in the contract. Important dates to include are crucial milestones along the way and the expected finish date.


Though the proof of insurance of a contractor might not be attached to the contract, you can ask him/her to state the details of the insurance in the contract. You should know what the right amount of liability insurance is for your area. Also, make sure that any contractor you employ has this coverage.


You need to be definitely sure that your contractor has the right licensing to meet the requirements of your city and any licensing needed to do specialized work. This includes plumbing or electrical. You should also request the contractor to include license information and numbers in the contract to guarantee its legitimacy.

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Easy Ways to Get Back to School

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Perhaps you want to know how to help your kids transition from lazy summer days of staying up late and sleeping in to waking up early for school every morning and get out of your door by 8 A.M. If this is your case, never worry because we have collected the greatest tips to gradually transition your kid back to school this incoming school year:

Nurture independence

Your kids can assist you with most of the tasks provided in this list to make these easier and faster. At first, it may slow your down, however, never bypass letting them learn some life skills for a brief moment. If they can do it themselves, it’ll be a lot faster. You can let them decide about some things and involve them in other mini decisions to take ownership. This can help your child be more independent and confident.

Prepare and plan lunches you’ll make ahead of time

As much as possible, batch food preparation together. Make the daily portion as one of the tasks needed to be done and then you just need to get a bag after. Look for great lunch ideas for your kids on the internet.

Make a comprehensive morning regime.

For you to prevent missing important things to do every day, it’s recommended for you to help yourself out by creating a checklist of the things you need to do every morning. You can also consider laminating such a to-do-list for you kids and tick them every morning when they finish the tasks. This allows them to remember and be familiar with the things that they need to do without keeping on repeating it every day.

Organize your family’s calendar

You need to clearly mark on all the important dates such as school visits, school holidays, and school activities for you and your kids so that you won’t miss or be surprised about such appointments. Make sure you can see everything on your calendar.

Get back to your usual sleeping routine and stick to this schedule

There will be incoming early mornings throughout the school year, hence, you need to start making your kids get used to sleeping early and waking them up early in the morning. You can start this routine one week or a couple weeks earlier before school begins. Children aging 5-12 years require 10-11 hours of sleep.

Meet the teacher and visit the school

If you allow your kid to be familiar with his classroom ahead of time, this enables him to become more at ease and comfy once he returns. This is particularly essential with a kid who is attending a new school or someone who has back to school anxiety. Remember that familiarity boosts confidence.

Do a practice run

If you already have a list of your morning regime, take time to act it out and head to school for some mornings on the dot. This way, you’ll be able to know how long does it actually take for you to get everything, walk out of the door, and head to daycares near me.

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